While redecorating your home, you want everything to be perfect, the setting, the lighting the ambience.

Well, setting up the blinds on the windows plays a crucial effect on the play of light in your room. Here are the three tips you should consider:

Tip 1: Consider the Maintenance Effort that will go in your vertical blinds

As a housekeeper you want to keep your daily chores minimum and your house spic and span. Do consider that window blinds can attract a lot of dust and grime, and thereby require regular cleaning. Most standard quality blinds can be cleaned in your washing machine, but ones with specialised fabric or type needs to be sent to professional cleaners.

Tip 2: Measurement of your Windows

Before selecting blinds for your space you must measure the windows for the correct size. If you want to opt for an inside mounted roman blind, leave out the frame perimeter while measuring; and include the frame for outside-mounted styles. Once you know the size you can estimate the amount of material that you require. It is also important to ask your supplier to recheck the sizes before ordering.  

Tip 3: Budget it Out

You are spoilt with options on buying different materials of blinds. Consider your budget before indulging on your most favourite space.

Blinds look classy and vintage and can change the ambience of your home, so consider picking them carefully.

Posted by: Stewart Graham on May 30, 2016, (12:23 PM)