Thinking how to update your home with new window furnishings? Consider Roman Blinds. Roman blinds are cost-effective yet enthralling. It matches elegantly with your home décor and a great idea to enhance your interiors. Usually blinds are made from different materials. The most commonly used material is polyester. These are much easier to clean when compared to some other materials. Polyester material also makes the blinds to fold easily.

Roman blinds are panels made up of polyester or fabric material that hung from the top, batten with cords attached to the rear, features horizontal folds. When you pull the cord control, it lifts and folds neatly. They come on both custom made and readymade roman blinds online which give your window a stylish makeover with luxurious appearance of draped curtains.

Difference between readymade and custom made roman blinds

There are only limited collections of readymade roman blinds that are available in set sizes. If you need roman blind that fits your window or doorway, you have to buy blinds online which are custom made. They come in different types and styles allowing you to choose from a varied range of fabric collections.

Roman blinds are unique in design and cover your windows from harmful light and noise. Here are few different styles of roman blinds mentioned…

Different styles

Classic roman blinds: It has a small sewn pocket with slim fibre glass rods inserted where the loops are clipped and the cord runs through it. During the creation of the pockets, the needle holes are created and so the light passing through these holes is unavoidable.

Sewless roman blinds: The sewless design of this roman blinds diminishes the needle hole light that visible on classic roman blinds. It has aluminium extrusion along back of the blind with the fabric tucked and a spine inserted to hold it in a place.

Plantation roman blinds: It replaces the tucked lines with timber battens which are come under multiple colours paint and stain. Its profile has a front batten which is round in shape and the rear batten is square which allows the attachment of metal eyelets for the control cords to pass through. 

Make it safe!

- Put all your furniture, including beds and cribs away from the windows, particularly in children’s bedroom.

- Install blinds that do not have cords.

- Keep pull cords on blinds as short as they can and keep out of reach.

- Do not hang toys or objects that create hazards.

- Tuck the cord up around the top of the blinds.

Whatever the decorations may be, always check for pipes and cables with an electronic detector before drilling into the wall. Decorate your home with blinds and make them look better!

Posted by: Stewart Graham on October 26, 2016, (1:07 PM)