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Four Reasons to Use Blinds in Your Home

There was a time when blinds were considered an important necessity – an ugly fixture that just had to be there because curtains couldn't do the job well. Blinds provided us with ease of use and low maintenance cleaning, two things that really mattered to the busy homemaker. Thankfully, times have changed. Blinds are now beautiful, yet functional, offering the same benefits with a mega appeal.

Perfect Blinds for your Home
How to Choose the Perfect Blinds for your Home

Are you searching for cheap blinds in Australia, and are confused about what kind of blinds you should choose? Are words like vertical blinds and wooden venetian blinds confusing you? Don't worry! Take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, find some snacks, sit in your favourite chair, and read our tips on choosing the perfect blinds for your home.

Baby-Proofing your Blinds and Window Shades

Every parent is well aware of the risk that seemingly harmless household items pose to children. While many parents cover the edges of coffee tables and beds while baby-proofing them effectively; due consideration is often not given to blinds and shades most of the time. This is largely because of the hitherto unknown risk they pose to toddlers.

All About Incorporating Venetian Blinds as a Part of your Living Space

If you have been wading through a wide range of curtains, shades and other fabric options for window coverage, you should know that Venetian blinds are an alternative to reckon with. With an extensive list of options in every kind of variety imaginable; these blinds are appealing in a lot of diverse colours.

Choose Blackout Curtains for your Home Owing to their Alluring Advantages

While bringing home some new curtain options, a lot of people are opting for blackout curtains in Australia lately. Take a look at the reasons behind this intriguing choice that brings a lot of advantages to homes along with style and trendiness.

What Tasteful Roller Blinds can do for your Home
What Tasteful Roller Blinds can do for your Home?

A lot of people have been prompted to buy blinds online in Australia,as other window covering options fail to offer them the respite that they seek. Read on to know what precisely well-chosen blinds can do for the safety and security of your home.

Blinds for Bifold Doors
Blinds for Bifold Doors - Why Roller Blinds are Best

If you are considering blinds for bifold doors, be sure to consider roller blinds as an option. These blinds are available in a number of decorator colours and fabrics with multiple sizes to accommodate almost any bifold door opening. Roller blinds are a cost effective, tasteful way to solve a typical decorating dilemma.

cut electricity bill
Cheap Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

In the summer we become largely dependent on our beloved air conditioners. But that adoration can quickly dwindle once we are hit with the monthly utility bill. Fortunately, there are simple, cost-effective ways you can save electricity and energy, without letting your home become a sauna.

Confused Lady Buying Blinds
Blinds for Sliding Doors - Roller Blinds, Romans & Panel Glides

When considering what type of window coverings for sliding doors are perfect for you, there are several aspects that to consider. First, it is important to determine what your main concerns are. Privacy? Temperature control? For example, blocking out harsh sunlight is a need which is expressed by many people living in Australia.

Sheer Curtains in Front of a Door
Sheer Curtains тАУ Decorating Ideas, Fabric Choices & More

If you have been watching 'The Block', or have simply visited any home or furniture store, you will see that sheer curtains are again becoming a very popular choice in Aussie homes.

The reason for this is quite simple.  Sheer curtains allow light in, and allow you to see outside while still providing privacy.  In short, they are a great invention.

If you are in the market for sheer curtains, but don't know where to start, then this guide is for you.  Below we provide everything you need to know, to make sure you find the right sheer curtains for your needs.  Enjoy!