When it comes to blinds for the beautiful home, very few options can surpass the elegance and class of Wooden Venetian Blinds. These blinds offer a natural look to the living space and blend in well with most themes.

If you have installed Wooden Venetian Blinds or looking to purchase one, here is a list of tips to keep them in good shape and form for an extended period of time.

  • The ready-made venetian blinds must be checked for stains regularly. Paper towels can be used to remove stains and in stubborn cases a wood cleaner may be used by dabbing a few drops onto a piece of cotton or any soft cloth.
  • During the regular cleaning sessions, the wooden slats must be brushed downwards to prevent them from being unhooked. Cleaning of wooden blinds must always be done only when they are closed.
  • An easy way to ensure 100% cleanliness easily is by wearing an old cotton gloves and passing the hand through every slat of the curtain. A few drop of fabric softener can be applied to the gloves to ensure maximum shine. While this trick is best to ensure complete dirt removal, it is also useful in cutting out static electricity that attracts the dirt towards the blinds.
  • Wooden Venetian blinds can be kept clean and shiny by using a simple home-made concoction of olive oil or any essential oil with warm water. The mixture helps to keep the blinds clean, lustrous and fragrant.
  • Never use too much water to clean the wooden blinds no matter how hard the stain is. This allows the wood to absorb water and lose its good looks soon.

With these simple tips in place, wooden venetian blinds can last well for a good number of years.

Posted by: Stewart Graham on May 23, 2016, (12:24 PM)