All About Venetian Blinds

A Unique Insight into the Elegance and Functionality of Venetian Blinds

An integral part of your home interiors, Venetian blinds are one of the most coveted window treatments today. Ever since they entered the market, drapers and curtains were banished to embrace the sophisticated yet practical Venetian blinds. Their rustic charm blends with exciting colours they are offered in to make an alluring selection for every window in the house.

This write-up seeks to introduce you to their many perks and the variety that makes them the most sought after window covering.

The Many Advantages that Venetian Blinds Offer

  • Ready-made venetian blinds are often chosen for master bedrooms for they extend maximum privacy to the inhabitants of the house. Especially necessary for homes that have a street view or even closely built houses in the neighbourhood, these ensure you’re matters remain confidential.
  • The variety of features they offers makes it easy to install them anywhere around the house, be it the living room or the kitchen. They are versatile blending in fabulously and giving the area a soothing quality with some much needed relief from the sun.
  • When it comes to your kid’s bedroom or even the children’s nursery, parents mostly look for a blackout blind. This is because these can ensure very little light filters into the room. Ideal for odd hour nap times, this ensures that your baby can have a sound sleep whenever needed.
  • These also help create a cool and dimly lit atmosphere whenever you want one, which is perfect for the den. Endless movie marathons during the day and game nights can begin the moment you install Venetian blinds.
  • A lasting investment to make, these are durable enough to last you for years to come. While curtains may have cotton balls or be prone to the fabric ripping, there are no such hassles with blinds.

How Window Coverings Have Evolved To Render Curtains Obsolete

Be it the office or your home, using blinds is a great way to receive functionality along with effortless style.

  • Curtains can be a bit too dull for most offices and they are not quite popular for home interiors as well. This is primarily because although they were once in style, they have been succeeded by better options like blinds that have a lot more to offer homeowners with vibrant hues and remote operated functions.
  • While curtains tend to be heavy, blinds are an innovative solution as they are light weight. They bring more light into the room even when they are closed that creates pleasing dimly lit surroundings.
  • Families with pets or children cannot afford to install velvet drapes; this is mainly because children can easily mess up the expensive fabric with mischief. A bout of colouring can just ruin expensive silk curtains. Nonetheless, PVCs pose no such risk as they cannot easily be soiled by a pet or even your little one!
  • Curtains on the other hand tend to gather germs and other allergens far more than blinds due to the fabric they are made of. Such grime can make unhygienic living conditions and give rise to frequent respiratory ailments in the family members. Using blinds can evade such hassles so that you have a cleaner and germ-free household.

Why Venetian Blinds are Exceedingly Popular

  • Available in numerous hues, you can match them to your linen or even get them in a stark colour contrast to your bedroom wall colour.
  • The versatility in design makes them ideal for homes sporting any kind of theme; be it contemporary design, classic architecture or minimalistic monochromatic schemes.
  • Today, individuals no longer have to walk to the blinds to draw them closed. They can do so using an automated system via a wand or remote. So the next time you want to sleep in, simply use the wand to draw the coverings so you can continue snoozing.
  • No longer do you have to experience sudden embarrassment when you notice an irksome gap in the curtains when you change. These blinds ensure that you never feel exposed by giving you all the privacy you need while letting a soft ambient light stream in.
  • Venetian blinds help in renovating your home completely with a new-age solutions like energy saving that is cost effective and worthwhile.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Type for you

Once you have assessed your needs, you must decide on the right type of purchase to make for venetian blinds online. So take a look at your options before you invest in the right one.

  • Aluminium

Often availed in 25mm purchasing this is an exciting decision to make. Bringing you the extraordinary skill of regulating sunlight along with privacy, these blinds are certainly better than any other window treatment. Homeowners who desire a hassle free purchase have the option of picking out ready-made ones, while those who are more discerning can be opting for a personalized order.

  • PVC 63mm and 50mm

Chosen for living rooms as well as corporate centres, the diverse colours and materials on offer give you countless choices. The extensive variety of the PVC blinds has ensured that they are made locally as well as globally, so you can be sure that the material maintains a high quality standard.

  • Timber

When your bedroom is graced by the charm of timber blinds, you know that your interiors stand out. Apt for commercial cafes and restaurants as well, these modern window coverings exude an antediluvian charm. Based on the dimensions and design of your windows, you can use quality Timber Venetians to give the rooms an illusion of space. This works especially well when people have colossal French windows or similar glass facades. The rich material and flawless look of Timber can help make your home memorable for everyone who visits.

Not only do you have a choice of hues to match your interiors, but you also have the option of making a budget friendly purchase when you buy blinds online. Since online sellers expedite orders, people make internet purchases to receive a quality product cheaper and much faster for the ideal convenience.

  • What are the important factors to consider before buying Venetian Blinds? Venetian blinds are the special type of window blinds that offer a unique style and elegance to the room with its option to control the level of natural light that enters a room. Here is a whittled list of few factors to consider before buying one:

    Size: Today, there are many manufactures who offer customised window blinds. Even if you prefer one in them, it is essential to measure the exact size of the window before purchasing these blinds from online or offline stores. It should fit inside the walls comfortably without scarping the sides when it is raised or lowered.

    Design: Design or pattern of the Venetian blind is the one thing to consider before buying for attaining an attractive ambiance in the rooms. Wooden Venetian blinds offer a warm and homely ambiance in the rooms whereas Aluminium blinds are sleek and add a touch of elegance.

    Cost: Although the cost of these blinds is a little high, still you can find very affordable Venetian blinds online. If the measurement is precise, installing these window blinds can be a quick and affordable.
  • What are the benefits of buying Venetian blinds? Being the most classic of all blind types, Venetians blinds are perfect for any room irrespective of the décor. Here are some striking benefits of using Venetian blinds.

    - Venetian blinds come in modern designs and are used to highlight the décor of any room. They can be customised easily and are made to easily match and complement your home décor.

    - They are highly versatile and are able to have total control over the amount of light streaming into your room simply by adjusting the blades’ angles.

    - It requires less maintenance and only a simple wipe using a damp cloth on the blades from time to time is necessary.

    - They are easy to install and replace, and does not require any additional costs.
  • How should I clean Venetian blinds? Venetian blinds are easy to clean and require regular vacuuming will prevent dirt building up. Follow the tips below to clean blinds with ease and speed.

    - Dust blinds regularly to prevent a build-up of dirt and dust.

    - Use soft cloth like old sock to clean Venetian blinds.

    - Use biological detergent and a bathtub to clean synthetic blinds.

    - Poke a feather duster through each groove to dislodge the excess dust and traverse from left to right to dislodge any dirt.
  • Is steam cleaning Venetian blinds right? Yes, like other cleaning methods steam cleaning can also play a crucial role in keeping off dust and dirt accumulating your Venetian blinds. But unlike other cleaning methods, extreme care needs to be taken while using industrial vapour steam cleaners for cleaning blinds. Also, limit the exposure of blinds to these industrial vapour steam cleaners based on the material used to make the blinds. If you have fabric blinds, avoid stem cleaning because they can be receive potential damage from heat and moisture.
  • Are Venetian blinds energy efficient? Yes, there are window coverings have insulating values of R-2 to R-4, effectively doubling the insulating value of a standard, premium vinyl window with double-pane glass and a low-E coating. These venetian blinds can be adjusted to block and reflect direct sunlight onto a light-coloured ceiling and may reduce heat loss up to 25%.