Ready Made Venetian Blinds

Ready Made Venetian Blinds

The timeless sophistication of a Venetian Blind is due to the exceptional ability to control light and privacy yet simultaneously hold a contemporary appeal.

Using a simple set of cords to lift or tilt the slats, a Venetian is very easy to operate. And because having more than one option to enhance your interior is what we are all about at Blinds365, you will find our Venetian blinds range very extensive. Easy to install and clean, with a great variety of materials and colours – you can’t go wrong with a Venetian Blind!

Whether you are looking for a window style upgrade for the kitchen, dining room, lounge room, bedroom or any room in the house - Venetian blinds can be installed quickly.

All of our blinds & curtains are child safe.

Blinds365 Ready made Venetians are available in the following materials:

  • PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Timber

Blinds and curtains purchased through Blinds365 come with a 2 year warranty and we will deliver to you within 7 days.

Have a look at the range below & order online today!