Eyelet Curtains belong to modern living spaces. From plain hues to cosy checks, eyelet curtains are available in a whole range of designs and patterns and have the power to instantly add a touch of class to any kind of living space.

Try these chic ideas when you buy eyelet curtains online and you may be surprised to see the effect it has on the ambience of the place.

Blend the eyelet curtain with the more subtle venetian blinds

A lot of people prefer the venetian blinds for its versatility and ability to promise 100% privacy. Why not try adding eyelet curtains in bright shades to complement the otherwise milder venetian blinds? Opt for bright reds or purples that can be made to cover one complete side of the pale room using delimiters.

Big prints and impressive floral for the chic office space

Modern office spaces are marked with bold and beautiful designs. Add a fair amount of class to your meeting rooms and conference theatres with eyelet curtains that adorn impressive designs. Blackout eyelet curtains can also be considered as they serve the right purpose during presentations.

Regal eyelet curtains for a sophisticated look

Undeniably, eyelet curtains are a fantastic option to add more richness to a space. Why not use them to support heavy fabrics like velvet or expensive ones like silk? Velvet eyelet curtains can be used in room that are heavily embellished and the thick fabric also protects the room from the interference of the sun’s rays.

Posted by: Stewart Graham on May 17, 2016, (2:00 PM)