Bathrooms need blinds, most certainly. From offering privacy to enhancing the look of the beautifully designed space, custom blinds are a great addition to any bathroom.

However, bathrooms are marked with high levels of humidity and the slightest mistake in the choice of the blinds can get too pronounced within the relatively smaller place. Read on to learn how to pick the right blinds for your bathroom.

Choose blinds that will last long

Wooden blinds and heavy fabric ones are a big no for the bathroom as it is best to allow the PVC blinds to handle all the moisture and dampness from the space. PVC blinds can absorb all the humidity and prove to deliver 100% justice to the investment. Also, PVC blinds with wooden impressions can add a more natural look to the bathroom.

Avoid dark shades for a dungeon-like ambience

While privacy is essential, a damp and dark bathroom is not preferred by most users. Thus blinds in light hues can be installed to allow sufficient light to pass through and also ensure that privacy is maintained.

Let the blinds blend into the theme

Blinds become highly noticeable in the small bathroom space and therefore must be matched to the theme of the bathroom perfectly. When buying blinds online ensure that the colour and pattern will go well the interiors of the bathroom and not spoil the overall look.

Treating your bathroom windows to the best blinds can add so much more value to the space and is therefore worth the time and money invested.

Posted by: Stewart Graham on May 02, 2016, (1:32 PM)