Venetian blind remains as one of the most popular types of blinds. It is known for its practical nature and fashionable styles. Another advantage of venetians blinds is its availability. If you happen to search for venetian blinds online, you can find countless varieties of those with a reasonable price. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose the right blind that is suitable for your place. However, the trickier part in having blinds is its maintenance. Listed here are some methods to make them dirt free,

Outdoor cleaning

- Leave the hardware in the window and separate the blinds. It is advised to have someone else with you to hold the ladder or the stool during this process for your safety.

- Keep the blinds over a surface fully extended with closed slats.

- Pour a bucket of water over the blinds mixed with a cleaning solution. Liquid dish soap works well for most of the time but if the blinds have stuck on dirt or grease, Car wash liquid or vinyl cleaning products can be used.

- Scrub the slats thoroughly with a sponge or mop. Turn it over and repeat the procedure.

- Wash off all the soapy residues with a hose and dry them completely before hanging it over the windows.

Indoor cleaning

- Fill a tub with warm water mixed with soap and let the blinds to soak in it for 15 minutes.

- Using a mop or sponge, scrub each slat to remove the dirt and grime.

- Flip the slat and the scrub once again.

- After draining the dirty water, turn on the shower to wash the blind on both sides

- Lean the blind placing them on their side at the edge of the tub and drain the water. Then, place them on their opposite side to avoid excess water to get pooled in the crevices.

- Towel the blinds to dry any remaining water and re-hang.

Maintain the blinds regularly to avoid deep cleaning frequently

- Extend the blinds, tilt the slants both up and down and dust with a cloth or duster lightly.

- You can also use a soft cloth glove to clean the blinds. Hold a slat between your fingers and brush them along and repeat the process on all the slats. Make sure that you don’t too much pressure on the slats.

- Another alternative is vacuum cleaning. The suction used should be low to avoid any damage to the slats.

Venetian is one of the most used types of window treatment. Follow the above mentioned methods and stop living with dust covered blinds.

Posted by: Stewart Graham on August 29, 2016, (1:06 PM)